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About me


An old friend asked "do you still paint?"

"Well", I said," I dont really have the time, you know, what with work, family and all"

When we parted the conversation weighed heavy with me.

So i did it. I made time, I got my head into gear and painted, and I enjoyed it. Here are the results of me making time.

Looking forward to art lessons at school is where it all began, that being my only formal training, my learning now is by jumping in with both feet and going for it.

Presently my "studio" consists of any hard surface to lean on a few brushes paint and music playlist to paint by.

 I have been lucky enough for people to enjoy my work so much they have asked for work to hang in their own homes, that is an incredible  honour to be rewarded for putting my thoughts and emotions on canvas.

Peter Brown
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